5 Common Reasons why Cougars Don’t Text Back and How to Avoid It

What if she doesn’t text back is a scenario most guys dread to think about. Once you have finally hit the send button after several minutes of anxiety you now have to wait or sit and wonder why the woman doesn’t text you back. In this article we are going to discuss a few reasons why cougars don’t text back and how to avoid a situation like that.

Reasons why cougars don’t text back:

1.She isn’t interested: Don’t get mislead by an attractive cougar that talks to you nicely and laughs at your jokes. Maybe she is just passing the time with you and isn’t seriously interested in you. Getting her number doesn’t imply that she is actually planning a conversation with you. So the first thing you need to do is ensure that she is going to remember you when you call or text.

2. You are texting a different woman: The woman you are texting online isn’t the same woman who gets your text. Here we aren’t talking about fake numbers; maybe the circumstances in which you got the number is different from the one in which you are texting her. For instance a sexy cougar high on a few drinks is sure to act friendly with you but the situation is going to be entirely different when you text her the next morning. Moreover you need to remember that why cougars don’t text back majorly depends on their mood.

3.You left her feeling low: You might have had a superb time with a cougar or lesbian cougar but you left on a low note. Getting a cougar’s number and leaving her on a low note is a situation many women aren’t going to accept. The sad end of a conversation might be fresh in her mind when you text her. This is why ensure that she is smiling when you get the number and text her as quickly and suavely as you can.

4. She is equally nervous about texting: Just like you were nervous before sending that text, she might be equally nervous about replying to it. If she is really interested in you then she has good reasons to be nervous. She might be spending too much time figuring out the meaning of your text and formulating an appropriate reply.

5.She is busy: Having a busy life is the commonest reason why most cougars don’t text back. You need to remember that you are not texting a eighteen years old but a real woman which work to do. It’s not unnatural for a busy woman to miss a text or forget to reply.

How to avoid cougars not texting back

1.Keep your text short (and sweet): Try to create a good impression and try not to impose any thing on her. In other words write a smart text with a sense of humor.

2.Make sure that you get her interested: If you are new to this then instead of getting into a quick conversation try to build up her interest in you.

3.Don’t worry too much: You should attach too much importance on why a woman doesn’t text you back or else they might that you are desperate and craving for a reply.