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5 Common Reasons why Cougars Don’t Text Back and How to Avoid It

What if she doesn’t text back is a scenario most guys dread to think about. Once you have finally hit the send button after several minutes of anxiety you now have to wait or sit and wonder why the woman doesn’t text you back. In this article we are going to discuss a few reasons […]

What Every Younger Man Should Know When Looking For Cougars

Men who are looking for casual relationships often go to nightclubs and Sugar Momma Websites to find older women. The success and independence of older women attract a lot of men. Older women have a lot of confidence and a no-nonsense attitude. They are also more mature and adept at sex and flirting. Studies show that […]

Types Of Jokes That Probably Won’t Fly With Your Cougar

Cougar dating has become more popular today. There are many reasons why this kind of relationship is favorable for both parties. One of these is that it’s not meant to last forever. Both parties can just have fun. Younger men are less worried and inhibited about what other people are going to say. They are […]