Dating Older Women Sites

Things You Need To Know About Dating Older Women

Whether you’re not capable of taming the storm or you feel worried about ‘MILF jokes’ falling flat on you, it’s okay because every man seems to have second thoughts when it comes to meeting older women, online or offline.

Statistics showed only 30% of older women would prefer to date someone younger their age while the majority seeks for dating same-age men or those who are 1 to 4 years older. You might say there’s all the more reason to call it quits – there’s too much to handle undoubtedly – but what about love? And the fact that you can get lots of benefits from going out with a ‘cougar’?

In fact, if you’re really resolved to find older women and armed with first-hand knowledge, your endeavours and hopes can be high and fruitful. Times have surely changed, you won’t experience a social taboo no longer, and even a substantial age difference won’t be a serious limiting factor. So, if you’re still steadfast and challenges don’t put you off trying, here’s everything you need to know before taking the plunge.

Why Old Lady Dating Gets Popular

Older ladies hand in hand with younger beaux has become a worldwide trend from Hollywood to suburbs thanks to normalization on television. Age barriers are being broken even in politics: French president’s wife, for instance, is 24 years his senior, and they’re no short of couple goals. If you look over recent TV series and glossy magazines looking out for celebrity couples, you’ll notice that lots of love interests are of broad age difference.

Another reason to the popularity of age romances is one more trend that’s got a lot to do with the growing popularity of dating sites for older women. Even since the ‘cougardom’ ended up in the limelight, such dating services have sprung up right and left, offering countless opportunities to venture into a completely new relationship experience.

So, in a nutshell, here are at least three solid reasons why mature women dating in on the rise today:

  • No more a forbidden romance. By the way, over the last decade, the number of grooms and brides aged over 60 has increased by 40%. Doesn’t it speak volumes? The modern society has grown genuinely tolerant of any kinds of sex life.

  • Online opportunities. 20 or 30 years ago you would face a real challenge trying out ways how to find older women to date. Now it’s up to a few mouse clicks and the brave new world opens in front of you.

  • Fresh perspective. Traditional relationships are all great, but sometimes we need a new thing coming up ahead. Age disparity in dating is what you can give a shot to.

There are far more reasons, but isn’t that enough to realize that entering the cougardom seems a trendy move whatever others might say?

Who Single Older Women Are Looking For

In many ways, if you’re down to date older women, it won’t be any different from dating at any age. We all are still looking for a reliable partner who would be able to support us and who we can share our dreams and goals with. However, some part of people’s motivation gets to change with the course of time. So that’s actually a risky thing to assume that older women want all the same happiness and joy as same-age partners.

Then, what do they want from their partners?

Sharing values comes first. Young mail order bride is primarily interested in being financially stable, and that’s why they usually look for someone who could become a good provider for the future family. Then, when kids are alright and left the house, priorities shift. It’s not about looking good or having piles of money anymore, it’s about sharing values and staying in line with one another.

They want to feel young again. No surprise younger men are physically both attractive and fit compared to oldies competitors. It’s an incredibly big ego boost along with restoring youthful vigor. Older women won’t ever forget that you, a good looking guy, could’ve picked any of the fresh meat, but you’d rather went for her.

An aspect of teaching. Let’s face it: mature women dating means that men have to become subordinates to their more experienced female partners. A whole lot of older women have the baggage of years behind and they’re inevitably want to dole out their life skills, especially like teaching a certain curve in the bedroom. So get prepared for that.


Benefits To Meeting Mature Women

There are several benefits you will unravel to dating older women. Why? Because it’s a totally different class of women – they exhibit more confidence than their younger counterparts, they turn a blind eye on opinions and can laugh at their failures. They know what they are brilliant and hopeless at.

They know how to make relationships flourish since they’ve had an impressive number of flings before. That’s why you’re going to explore the field of advantages and moments that you’ve probably been asking for in a younger partner but couldn’t find due to lack of maturity.

  1. Independence. When you date older women, you surely commit yourself to a well-established person having their own life. In other words, mature women are hell of independent – they won’t be trying to cut in on night parties or pester you once you need a lonely hour.

  2. No gold digging. They’ve already built up a career and found a place to be in terms of money, so older women are able to take are of themselves financially. It won’t cost a fortune to seal the deal.

  3. Great conversation skills. Who doesn’t like meaningful and deep conversations turning the time spent together into something really enjoyable? When you date older women, this comes as a bonus, meaning her wisdom could make your couple evenings brighter.

  4. No drama. Women under the age of 30 tend to have less control over their emotional mood – impulsiveness and inconsistency might come into play and ruin all your plans. Mature women had heaps of time to learn how to cope with emotions, so they’re absolutely less dramatic.

Dating Older Women: Tips That Can Help You Build Up The Relationships

#1. Start With Online Dating

In case you’ve never had an encounter with an older woman, you’d better learn the ropes first and only then rush headlong. Any Internet dating service is designed for you to get to know people around in a safe and convenient environment, so you may keep a day or two to shape up before committing to this essential first meeting. Besides, you can easily navigate through the best sites for dating older women to find your older ride or die – thankfully, there’re plenty of them, and we mean sites.

#2. Honesty Over Privacy

If you have conservative friends or just children, you must feel a little bit nervous about spilling the details of your romance with a ‘cougar’. Always remember that honesty matters a lot, so in case you’re looking for a real deal with an older woman, start preparing your nearest and dearest for a different relationship perspective.

#3. Do Not Settle

While you may have a lifetime ahead, women dating later can’t afford such luxury of time – they wouldn’t waste their energy or keep fingers crossed that your intentions will become straightforward soon. So take it slowly, but don’t take it too slowly.

#4. Get Ready For Being Body Positive

Another surprise about older women: those between 65 and 74 years old turn out to be the most confident about their bodies. So if you can get into the state of do-not-touch-me, you’d better lose that attitude, review your relationship values and tune up to kissing and having sex more often.

#5. Stop Looking Around

No one here to blame, but boys can get really passionate about beauties passing by. No matter how independent and mature an older woman, she’ll always be afraid of your leaving her for another younger gal-pal. It doesn’t mean though you should stop checking out booties in the streets, but don’t forget that it’s an absolute no-no when you’re together.

#6. Body Language

Conjure up pictures of your last date with a young girl: no need to mention that you were genuinely interested in the process, pushing your chest out, pulling out your super manly looks and finding excuses to steal a touch. And you’d better not screw it up on the first date with a cougar because body language must be similar or you risk to get off the wrong foot. Even though you might feel intimidated to act as usual, give it your best try.

#7. Avoid Awkward Compliments

Don’t you dare tell her something like ‘oh, boy, you look so good for your age’. It’s going to be a disaster because this is definitely the last thing on earth they’d want to hear from you. If you feel like paying a compliment, don’t go beyond ‘oh, boy, you look so good’. Period.

#8. Show Serious Intentions

If you happen to have children or an ill mum, don’t be frightened to introduce your family to them, but remember about preparing the ground and setting the stage for that. Once you’ve been through a couple of dates, there’s nothing better than keeping it real and getting closer.

#9. Don’t Be Jealous Of Her Success

Sometimes it’s hard to face reality, but she may be two ways wealthier than you. This isn’t the thing you should be threatened at. Try to brush off narcissistic nature and show happiness for your partner’s success.

#10. Be Yourself

Finally, above anything else, don’t try putting on a mask, an accent, a character, you name it. So the biggest piece of advice here would be to stop thinking that pretending could help you out. Older women aren’t some funny games. And neither they’re stupid not to realize that you’re showing off.