5 Common Reasons why Cougars Don’t Text Back and How to Avoid It

What if she doesn’t text back is a scenario most guys dread to think about. Once you have finally hit the send button after several minutes of anxiety you now have to wait or sit and wonder why the woman doesn’t text you back. In this article we are going to discuss a few reasons why cougars don’t text back and how to avoid a situation like that.

Reasons why cougars don’t text back:

1.She isn’t interested: Don’t get mislead by an attractive cougar that talks to you nicely and laughs at your jokes. Maybe she is just passing the time with you and isn’t seriously interested in you. Getting her number doesn’t imply that she is actually planning a conversation with you. So the first thing you need to do is ensure that she is going to remember you when you call or text.

2. You are texting a different woman: The woman you are texting online isn’t the same woman who gets your text. Here we aren’t talking about fake numbers; maybe the circumstances in which you got the number is different from the one in which you are texting her. For instance a sexy cougar high on a few drinks is sure to act friendly with you but the situation is going to be entirely different when you text her the next morning. Moreover you need to remember that why cougars don’t text back majorly depends on their mood.

3.You left her feeling low: You might have had a superb time with a cougar or lesbian cougar but you left on a low note. Getting a cougar’s number and leaving her on a low note is a situation many women aren’t going to accept. The sad end of a conversation might be fresh in her mind when you text her. This is why ensure that she is smiling when you get the number and text her as quickly and suavely as you can.

4. She is equally nervous about texting: Just like you were nervous before sending that text, she might be equally nervous about replying to it. If she is really interested in you then she has good reasons to be nervous. She might be spending too much time figuring out the meaning of your text and formulating an appropriate reply.

5.She is busy: Having a busy life is the commonest reason why most cougars don’t text back. You need to remember that you are not texting a eighteen years old but a real woman which work to do. It’s not unnatural for a busy woman to miss a text or forget to reply.

How to avoid cougars not texting back

1.Keep your text short (and sweet): Try to create a good impression and try not to impose any thing on her. In other words write a smart text with a sense of humor.

2.Make sure that you get her interested: If you are new to this then instead of getting into a quick conversation try to build up her interest in you.

3.Don’t worry too much: You should attach too much importance on why a woman doesn’t text you back or else they might that you are desperate and craving for a reply.

The best Cougar bars in NYC you need to try

older women datingYoung men are always on the hunt for sexy cougars and what better place than a cougar bar to start your journey from? Well, if you have a fat wallet and a decent flat in the city, this would be a great choice and the best cougar bars are far from being economical.

Picking up a cougar at the bar is an altogether different experience outside the world of online cougar dating site like cougar life.

It goes without saying that the women you’d find at such places are classy, wealthy and well – educated. If you are looking for the cream of the crop and don’t wish to compromise on anything, cougar bars in NYC are worth paying a visit. Here is a list of the best Cougar bars in NYC:

Plunge at the Gansevoort Hotel

The upmarket heaven for cougars is situated in the heart of the meatpacking district. Known as one of the best cougar bars in the New York City, this place is buzzing with something new every day of the week. We advise you to get there early so that you can start your cougar hunt early. As stated earlier, this place is quite expensive but regardless of this, you’d find a lot of young men and older women.

Bryant Park Grill

You’d find a lot of older women who are on the hunt for younger men. The place is crowded during the evenings and you’d observe that cougars outnumber younger men here thereby making it an ideal place for younger men. The place boasts of stunning outdoor patios where you can have a drink or two while checking out women. Cougar bars in the NYC are known for their diversity and this place would certainly not disappoint you in any way.

230 Fifth

The rooftop bar is super expensive but when you consider the fact that it attracts a lot of cougars, you might not mind the prices. Women who come to this place are classy and open – minded. They wouldn’t hesitate in initiating a conversation to you, provided you are interesting and have the money to buy her a drink.

Belmelmans Bar

Situated inside the Carlyle Hotel, this bar in the NYC is packed with beautiful women and younger men. While you’d certainly have to compete with a lot of stunning men, it also means your chances of finding a partner are relatively high. There is a live piano bar and the prices of drinks served touch the sky but that shouldn’t stop from making an occasional visit.

We all know about dedicated cougar dating sites where you can not only find genuine older women seeking a companion but also communicate effectively to know them better. However, the fun and excitement of connecting with cougars in the real world is unmatched.

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Why do older women like younger men?

The trend of age gap relationships has been on for long. However, it was predominant among older women looking for younger men. Relationships between older women and younger men were regarded as a way to exploit young and innocent men for sexual gains.

However, as time passed, things changed considerably. Women began to enjoy the same social status and privileges as men do. They no longer have to take the conventions of the society into consideration while getting into a relationship. But, what is it than older women find attractive about younger men? Have a look at the reasons mentioned below:

·A fresh viewpoint on things: When you begin to share your personal space with a person who is a younger to you by a decade-and-a-half, you have the opportunity to interact with someone having a very different perspective on things. It has been observed that older women have a very narrow opinion on a host of things. The company of a younger male would certainly give her more exposure thereby giving her the opportunity to understand things from a neutral perspective.

·His energy is infectious: Young men are enthusiastic about everything they indulge in. So, be it his new start – up, a project he has undertaken or satisfying you in the bed, he would always look forward to achieving goals with utmost precision and see to it that there is no scope of any complaint. In fact, he would remind you of your youth and you’d strive to match up to his levels of energy.

·He would always look up to you for inspiration: There could be nothing better than having an admirer right at home. This is something you could experience while dating a younger guy. Every achievement of yours would be celebrated and he would always look up to you for inspiration. In case of any problems, he would consult you and seek solutions. You’re not only his girlfriend but also a great mentor.

·You wouldn’t have any difficulty in adapting: There is absolutely no doubt about the fact that younger men find it easier to adapt to the lifestyle of an older woman. His tender mind would be able to absorb everything that comes his way thereby making him more open – minded, which is certainly good for the relationship. Above all, he would listen to what you say instead of forcing his opinion up on you.

Considering the aforementioned reasons, it makes sense to consider a younger man when you’re looking to date someone. Specialist age gap dating sites that have been designed for younger men and older women can help you make the right choice.

What Every Younger Man Should Know When Looking For Cougars

cougar dating sitesMen who are looking for casual relationships often go to nightclubs and Sugar Momma Websites to find older women. The success and independence of older women attract a lot of men. Older women have a lot of confidence and a no-nonsense attitude. They are also more mature and adept at sex and flirting. Studies show that the sexual relationship between older women and young men are equally satisfying to both sides.

Since it takes longer for older women to attain orgasm, young men are challenged to adjust their sensual prowess. While cougar dating may appear meaningless and shallow at first glance, some relationships that start this way sometimes develop into something more significant. Before you date an older woman, there are some things you must know.

1.Fast-paced Relationship

Remember that a relationship with a cougar can be extremely fast-paced. The speed at which the relationship develops may not be what you have in mind. You also need to remember that not everyone is as accepting about the idea of dating an older woman. If you want to pursue this kind of relationship despite what other people might say, you should be able to deal with all the consequences of this decision.


Young men may know some things that older people cannot know as they are old-fashioned. However, you can get significant advice from them. A more experienced person can view things differently. An older woman can tell life lessons you can learn from.


You will get all the fun and sex and the woman is willing and happy to give you what you need. She will not nag you if you forgot to text her. If you are making mistakes in the bedroom, she’ll be happy to help you. You are still inexperienced and learning, so you can be forgiven. Just make sure not to overdo it.

Where to Find Older Women

Joining cougar dating sites is the fastest and simplest way to find an older woman looking for a young man to date. Since there are a lot of older women on these websites, you will not find it hard to look for an attractive older woman. There are cougar dating websites that you can join for free. Signup is fast and easy and you don’t have to pay for anything. These free dating sites, however, have limited features. If you want to have better access to older women, you can go for paid sites.

Cougar dating is all about flings and fun. It’s not for you if you are looking for a more permanent relationship. Remember that the relationship is only temporary. Cougar dating may be exciting at first, but it is not always the best choice for those who are not after something casual. You also need to remember that young men who date older women are often called gold diggers. Most people think that young men are only attracted to older women due to their wealth. If you cannot bear such remarks, maybe cougar dating is not suited for you.

Types Of Jokes That Probably Won’t Fly With Your Cougar

cougar dating sitesCougar dating has become more popular today. There are many reasons why this kind of relationship is favorable for both parties. One of these is that it’s not meant to last forever. Both parties can just have fun. Younger men are less worried and inhibited about what other people are going to say. They are more open to experimenting and trying new things, allowing cougars to shape their partner as they like it.

Older women are also great teachers in bed and they want to have fun after years of raising their child. They have more patience and experience. Living in the moment is the idea behind cougar dating. Cougars usually don’t give their partners an ultimatum to disappear from their lives or propose to them. You are just taking pleasure in each other’s company. Older women feel more relaxed with younger men as they usually have less baggage.

Younger men know that they’re not expected to meet her parents or bring an engagement ring. Those who are looking for a casual dating experience will find cougar dating beneficial for them. If you are interested in dating an older woman, there are some things that you should keep in mind. Here are the kinds of joke that you should avoid at all cost.

1.Practical Jokes

A few practical jokes may be fine every now and then, but doing them all the time is not exactly a wise thing to do. Cougars don’t want to feel like they are taking care of another child. You are no longer a child, so you shouldn’t act like one. Be mature. You can’t pursue this kind of relationship if you are not mature. On the other hand, you don’t have to be so mature and stoic at all times that you can’t even crack a joke. Humor is something that is highly desired, but there is a clear difference between a mature and refined sense of humor and absurdity that can be compared to a child’s.

2.Sexist Jokes

Sexist jokes are not funny at all. No one is going to laugh at these jokes. Telling a self-made and independent woman that she should forget about her independence for your sake is a big no-no. She will only leave you.

3.Fart Jokes

While some women like fart jokes, there is no guarantee that your partner will actually like it when you do let one out. It is better to play it safe than regret in the end.

4.Gay Jokes

This kind of joke is not funny at all. You are not going to impress a cougar with gay jokes. While it may just be a joke for you, it will not make you look better at all.

These are the kinds of jokes that won’t fly with your cougar. A good sense of humor may be highly sought after, but treading carefully in this area is still very important if you don’t want to lose your partner.

A Little Bit Of Patience Goes A Long Way With Online Cougar Dating

cougar datingCougar dating is all about love and understanding each other’s likes and needs. No one benefits from a painful relationship. Everyone wants to love and be loved. Cougar dating is more common today. Younger men are more attracted to older women as they can offer something that women of their age cannot give. Older women are more attuned with their desires, wants and needs.

With the existence of cougar dating sites, dating a cougar has become easier for those who want to pursue this kind of relationship. However, there are some things that you should keep in mind when it comes to cougar dating.

One thing that you must understand is the fact that every relationship requires a lot of patience. No one’s perfect and it is the same for relationships. Regardless of the kind of relationship you are in, patience is a very important factor that should be observed at all times. You don’t want your relationship to end in a painful manner, so keep these things in mind.

1.Every person has their own set of imperfections, but it is these flaws that make them special and unique. Instead of making a big fuss about every single infuriating aspect, giving each other time and understanding each other’s flaws is the best thing to do.

2.Talk about your problems with lots of patience. There are many people who are not able to express their true feelings due to various reasons. Take time to understand one another and you can surely avoid fights and misunderstandings.

3.You have to be mature. Age is not the decisive factor for forming a relationship. Understanding is still the most important thing to keep in mind and patience helps a lot when it comes to this matter. You have to be patient enough to understand what your partner wants instead of only paying attention to your needs. If done incorrectly, this leads to resentment that has been the cause of many breakups. Couples often go their own separate ways if they’re not able to understand what the other person really wants.

4.It may take a lot to forgive every exasperating trait and fault, but remember that good things in life come with a price. You may have a lot of differences such as an age gap of over six years. This age gap might make it hard to understand each other. Again, being able to recognize each other’s needs is the most important thing to keep in mind.

5.Patience leads to peace and love. Self-centeredness and resentment only lead to an antagonistic atmosphere. Patience, when coupled with compassion, sets a great ground for true, eternal love.
Online cougar dating takes time, patience, dedication and sacrifice, but it’s well worth it. The experience and true love will be your reward in the end. With patience, your relationship will go a long way and you’ll experience the happiness you deserve.

5 Useful Cougar Dating Tips

cougar datingMany younger men today like to date cougar or older women as there is something oddly alluring and enticing about them in a way which younger women just cannot compete with. After decades of the general dating style, being older man dating young woman, it appears that the trends have turned and as a matter of fact, cougar dating is well and really enshrined in the mind of single life.

Here are the top 5 useful cougar dating tips that cubs can use when considering dating cougars. Things which will help you not just find and attract, but also keep the beautiful cougar of your dreams.

Ready to Work Harder

Cougar or older woman might be relaxed and easy going when it comes to dating, but do not be fooled as they have been around the block a lot than you what you expect. So, prepare yourself and offer lots of affection and love. Be honest and open with her. Show your true personality and passion.

Approach Dating an Older Woman With an Open Mind

There is a good chance that when you are new to cougar dating, you will make some honest mistakes prior to determining exactly what is they are really about. So, the key here is that do not believe the hype. Cougars might be open-minded and they are up for lots of fun, but it is not all about what occurs that you see on TV shows. As a matter of fact, evoking and believing in this usual stereotype could be a real turn off to cougars who are fascinated with younger men. As a matter of fact, they are searching for a true and grounded rapport, not some kind of fantasy seen on magazines, blogs and TV shows.

Get on the Game and Stay There

There might some stern chemistry between many older women and their toy boys, but do not fall into a false sense of safety. Ensure you keep things exciting and fresh. Provide a cheap date and you may see those calls and texts messages stop coming together. Older woman are with you as you give her a sense of fun and it takes more to amaze a cougar. The techniques you utilized on a younger ex-girlfriend might not be adequate to keep her coming back for more.

No Room for Giving Up

Cougars might not the kind of person to play games, but that does not signify that he will be a knock over on the first date. You will want to spend lots of energy and time wooing her and that is even prior to the normal highs and lows that occur when a relationship does eventually develop. Remain positive and ensure you are set to work hard at keeping things on track.

Just Go with the Flow

The key to making any rapport successful is to go with the flow, meaning just enjoy it. Cougar dating scene has augmented massively in current years as these relationships have chemistry and passion that frequently outweigh anything people have experienced before.

There are lots of cougar dating websites that offer free service to help you meet up, connect as well as get together with beautiful cougars. So, follow these tips to make your cougar dating experience a successful one.